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CT River Valley - Autumn Scenes Birdhouse

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Sally's sparkling New England autumn scenes grace this birdhouse. Valley Railroad's steam train and historic tracks in Essex & Chester, Connecticut, river views, and more.

I build these birdhouses using 3/4" plywood and metal panels that I design and make in my studio. The panels will never rust. They are made from the same UV-protected metal as a novelty license plate, like those for a university or ball team. Hang your birdhouse in dappled sun or full shade for happy birds and long lasting colors. Air vents located under the protection of the eaves and in the floor allow air flow through-out. The roof is removable for easy access to clean out old nests.

  • Interior birdhouse is constructed of 3/4″ plywood, except for the roof, which is one of the metal panels.
  • Hole is 1.5″ Diameter.
  • 6″ x 6″ x 12″
  • Approx 7.5″ wide at the eaves

A cShoresal Design
Sally Rothenhaus,


3/4" Plywood Interior

UV Stabilized Aluminum Image Panels

Reinforced, Removable Roof for Hanging & Clean-out


7.5" wide at the roof overhangs

12" high x 6" wide

Care Instructions

Wipe exterior clean with wet cloth

For pollen & other exterior buildup, clean exterior with diluted Simple Green or Dawn dish soap and a soft rag.

Remove roof at 4 screws to clean out old nesting material (optional, since some birds will do this themselves).

Make note of front/back orientation of roof so the screw holes line up correctly when you put it back on.